• The Quintin Hogg Trust is committed to supporting a wide range of projects, with a single criterion that the project must contribute to the advancement of education for students of the University of Westminster.

Below, there are some examples of projects and activities we’ve supported in the past, but they are just examples: we encourage applications from across the University.

Match-funding the alumni fund

In 2017, as part of the celebrations for its 125th anniversary, the University of Westminster set up the 125 Fund – inviting alumni to donate to a fund that would then give individual students small grants to purchase study equipment, develop projects or aid with their professional development. To incentivise donations, we agreed to match-fund every pound donated, up to a total of £125,000. We were delighted to meet some of the students who benefited from this funding – receiving often small amounts that have made a huge difference to their study experience.


Bringing international students to FAB FEST

FAB FEST is an international event and competition run by the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Students from the University and guest teams from around the world create cardboard pavilions – which then play host to a range of activities and entertainment for students, children and adults. We agreed to help fund the participation of international students.

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The Regent Street Cinema

In 1896, the Lumière Brothers showed the first film in the UK. The location: the Grade II listed Regent Street Cinema – at the University of Westminster’s headquarters on 309 Regent Street. It remained a working cinema for many years but closed in 1980, becoming purely a lecture theatre. In 2012, the University began a project to restore this historic building. We were delighted to give £1 million towards the refurbishment of the Regent Street Cinema and in 2015 it reopened to the public and for film studies. This considerable capital donation enabled the completion of a flagship project which met our objects and those of the University.

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Refurbishment of the photography studios

In 2017, we gave a grant of to the Faculty of Media Art and Design enable the refurbishment of the photography studios used by students. The Faculty used the money to acquire high-end equipment for digital imaging and to expand its digital suite. The studios are now amongst the very best in the UK, whether in a university or the professional sphere, and provide an outstanding environment to learn in.

Enabling 22 students to take up PhD places

Doctoral research is integral to a University’s international reputation, and to its ability to retain ambitious staff. But paying for a PhD is costly, especially for those who have already undertaken four years of study – meaning talented students from lower income backgrounds too often have to put their dreams of research outside. In previous years QHT has funded PhDs as part of a range of projects but this year the Trust is sponsoring 22 PhD students over the next 3 years to undertake a wide range of studies across the University.

Recognising those who reach out

One of Quintin Hogg’s goals was to provide education for all. In funding the University of Westminster Outreach scholarships, we’re supporting that aim. The scholarships, worth up to £4,000 a year, are available to students who have taken part in activities that seek to engage the local community with University education: taster events, masterclasses and programmes such as the Westminster Skills Clubs. Spending time in these events benefits the community, but also enriches the individual student’s experience.

Kick-starting a mentoring scheme

In 2017, we allocated money to help set up a student mentoring scheme across the University. Such schemes have demonstrated their value at other institutions, providing students with the targeted support and guidance they need. Our funding paid for some initial training for mentors and the development of information and promotion materials.