Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund appoints design team for Chiswick’s Historic Boat House


The Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund has appointed exciting new creative and design practice AST to consider the refurbishment and renovation of its historic boat house at Chiswick, seen by millions every year at the finish of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. Today the building is shared by the University of Westminster and the Quintin Boat Club.

The Quintin Boat Club was founded in 1907 to allow the oarsmen from the Regent’s Street Polytechnic (forerunner to the University of Westminster) an opportunity to row competitively at a time of complex rulings on amateur status.

Quintin Hogg paid for the original boat house to be built on the present site in 1888. The original building was replaced in 1920 and then partially rebuilt again after incendiary bombs destroyed much of the structure during the second World War.

The Fund, which owns the building, wants to create fully accessible modern accommodation to further the work of Quintin Hogg by offering better facilities to the Quintin Boat Club, students of the University of Westminster and future partner secondary schools. The Trust’s aim is to encourage social mobility by enabling young people from diverse background the opportunity to row.