Almost £50,000 raised during the annual telephone campaign to support students at Westminster


Thanks to the generous support from the University of Westminster’s alumni community, the annual telephone campaign - which was fundraising to support students at Westminster through both The 125 Fund and Hardship Fund - has raised almost £50,000.


The three-week campaign, which took place from 29 October to 20 November, involved 40 Westminster students contacting over 1,000 former students to hear about alumni experiences and raise money for the University’s 125 Fund and Hardship Fund. The Students gained a host of skills during the campaign which they will be able to confidently discuss in future job interviews, including rapport building, active listening, negotiating, and resilience.

The University is grateful to the Quintin Hogg Trust for their continuous support and matched funding offer, helping the University to create a transformative fund for the benefit of Westminster students.