QHT Awards 22/23, for implementation 23/24 onwards


The Quintin Hogg Trust has awarded a total of £5,564,317 during 22/23 for new and continuing projects to commence in 23/24 and to extend into 26/27.

  1. Employability: Enhancing the impact of our employability activities (£348,500)
  2. Learning and Teaching: Trading Places: New forms of authentic learning for the C21st (£1,282,000)
  3. Research and Knowledge Exchange: Performance at the University of Westminster (£540,000)
  4. Wellbeing and Student Experience: Our Connected Community – Working Together for Wellbeing (£300,000)
  5. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Additional projects:

  1. Intermediate Projects Pot
  2. PhD Studentships – for 10 completing in 23/24 and 10 completing in 24/25
  3. Extension of the QHT bursary scheme Talent Bank- Work With Us
  4. QHT Fieldtrips
  5. Small (Pilot) Projects Pot
  6. The Ignite Fund (formerly the 125 Fund)
  7. Black History Year Create (part of the Community and Communities EDI block bid) continuation phase.
  8. 10 new, 3-year PhD studentships starting in 2024 and ending in 2027.

Dr Ann Rumpus – Chair of the QHT Grants Committee says:

“The scope and diversity of the projects submitted within the strategic areas never fail to impress and inspire the Grants Committee - as well the categories which overtly underpin the University’s strategic priorities there are 8 additional projects which we have supported. These are continuations of successful projects which have proved to be vitally important in supporting students. These include intermediate and small project pots, which provide funds for which staff, in cooperation with students, to bid for innovative proposals. The width and breadth all the project work helps to spread the distribution of funds to the widest possible audience thus enabling the University and the Quintin Hogg Trust to enhance and embellish the student experience. The Trustees remain convinced that the funding is being used to great effect.”

For further information and a full list of the Awards made please follow this link: QHT Awards 2022/2023 - for implementation 23/24 onwards