The model of QBC Boat House, home to University Boat Club, selected for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019


Trustees of the Quintin Hogg Trust and the Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund are delighted that their appointed architects Assorted Skills + Talents*, have been selected to exhibit in the Architecture Room at the RA Summer Exhibition, with a model of the proposals for the Quintin Boat Club. This is a real honour.

The model, made of walnut, resin cork and brass, took over 4 weeks to make and was crafted jointly with A-Models in Camden Town. The model was submitted as a combined piece to the exhibition along with a digital video to explain the design.

The call for submissions to the RA Summer Exhibition attracts over 10,000 entries, each of which is studied by the selection committee, chaired by the President of the RA. This year the exhibition was curated by the painter Jock McFadden and the architect Spencer De Grey of Foster + Partners.

The Quintin Boat Club will celebrate the centenary of the current Arts and Crafts Boat House in 2022. The proposed development project will add two new buildings to the site as well as refurbishing and preserving the existing Club House. This year the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition architecture theme has focussed on sustainable design with an emphasis on quality and beauty. The selection committee saw that this simple form with crisp elegant materials is both efficient and intelligent, in terms of whole life energy and maintenance. The development will also provide the focus for a new community-based outreach programmes which will breathe life into the Quintin and University Boat Clubs for a further century.

Chris Boyce, Managing Director of Assorted Skills +Talents says - The vision of our clients, the Trustees of Quintin Hogg Trust and Quintin Hogg Memorial Fund, who own the land, working with the Quintin Boat Club has created a unique opportunity to evoke the philanthropic and pioneering spirit of Quintin Hogg again.

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