Quintin Hogg Trust supports student mental wellbeing through Sports Psychology.


The University of Westminster Students Union are using the financial support of the Quintin Hogg Trust to not only focus on the physical health of students, but also their mental wellbeing. It has been widely researched and proven that the two are intrinsically linked. To support the wider student body the SU are working with an Alumni of the University, a trained sports psychologist, in the hope that they will be able to bridge the gap between physical and mental health for many of the students.

Sport Psychology is a discipline that integrates a range of scientific fields to understand how psychological factors influence performance. By delving deep into the minds of both non athletes and athletes, we can understand how their perceptions of themselves, their environment and the world interact to produce performance on the pitch/court/field as well as in all other areas of life. Sport Psychology is not just applicable to sporting performance but to non-sport life domains; career, relationships, and lifestyle to name a few. We all perform at something every day, those performances start in the mind, sport psychology offers insights into mental skills and strategies that can be used daily to enhance performance and mental well-being.

Students are expected to juggle multiple tasks, university, social relationships, activities, work, personal relationships and of course sports, all whilst leading a healthy lifestyle and getting university assignments in on time. By studying Sport Psychology, we can learn more about how the mind works, increase self-awareness to understand specifically how a person works and how you can then apply certain psychological skills and techniques to perform optimally in all these domains.