Quintin Hogg Trust contributes £50,000 to a new grant funding scheme


With an unprecedented rise in virtual learning and living since the advent of Covid 19, the University of Westminster has been quick to adapt all aspects of learning, placing their students in the best position to benefit from the university experience.

One of the many additional enterprises is the establishment of a new central fund for small grants of between £3,000 - £5,000 for innovative student led projects which support learning, teaching and social enterprise in the virtual world. Whilst QHT has an annual grant giving programme, including the 125 Fund, it was recognised that staff often have ideas for projects which are too small for the standard QHT bidding cycle. Hence, the Trustees have given £50K to be used for small innovative projects which, as always, must benefit the students. Applications will be made by the staff to a panel made up of senior University staff who will decide which projects will be supported.

Dr Ann Rumpus, Trustee, Quintin Hogg Trust
“The Trust is always looking for ways to support the students and staff of the University. Despite the Covid 19 climate it is encouraging that already new practices have come into place and students will be enabled to progress and develop further new ways of working. We are looking forward to seeing the results”